Hoorah I have got past the one stone mile mark!! After a month and a half, of actually putting any effort in, I have lost 15ibs! Now I just have to overcome the ‘Well done me, I deserve cake’ thoughts. At the moment, though, I think I’m safe from them. I don’t want all that hard work to be wasted.
Compared to when I started this blog, I can only see a slight change in my belly shape. Its still a depressed, droopy lump. Nevermind, more motivation to keep going!
At the beginning….

At the moment….

I love hearing your stories and thoughts so please feel free to contact me with them!!


The regime


Aswell as cutting down on food and eating healthily, I am also doing an extra 30 minutes of intense exercise. Unfortunately it won’t be me running on a beautiful beach at sunset like in the picture.

My work timetable varies so much so I can’t commit to joining any clubs and gyms are too expensive for me.

Luckily my dad is more than happy to assist and has taken me on almost as his project.

The 30 minutes consist of a short warm up of jogging and stretches. The main workout consists of skipping, hula hooping, sit-ups, treading up and down a step stool and some boxing and a short cool down of walking and stretches. A lot to fit in for thirty minutes but a short burst of a variety of things helps work all areas of my body and also doesn’t get boring. I think that it is essential not to bore yourself with exercise and also with your food. The length of time of the workout will gradually increase. The first few days I did this were torture, I could barely get out of bed. No pain, no gain right?

I will be doing this 5 x a week added on to my normal routine of walking to and from work which is half an hour each way. I work at a hospital and so are quite active there, always on my feet.

Muscle weighs more than fat so in addition to my weigh ins I am going to start measuring my main areas eg hips. So to start with I will expect my weight to go up but, fingers crossed, my inches to go down. So if you are also starting out, don’t be disheartened and give up if you see your weight increase after some hard work. Just keep at it!

If you have any other ideas that I can do or any other comments please post them below.