The Scales Can Sometimes Lie, Mirrors Don’t.

Today, whilst at work I weighed myself. I haven’t weighed myself in months. Possibly even since before Christmas.

What I know is that the last time I weighed myself, I was heavier than I had been in a while. Just under 16st. Looking down at the scales today I was given a huge shock – a crash landing back to Earth. 115kg … 18stone!! What the actual fuck?! I don’t think I’ve been that heavy in my life. I knew I’d put some on but didn’t think it was that much.

This was quite possibly the kick in the teeth that I need. As you know, I’ve started going walking where I can again and eating better. But I could do more. This is where that happens.

A few years ago I posted my start pics. Today I shall post them again, I’m pretty much back to that point or even beyond it to be honest. I hope to then post an updated pic of my progress every month from then on. It may spur me on when things start getting tough and I feel like caving in and eating my weight in crap. The prospect of the hard work to come is daunting and, honestly, upsetting. It took months and months and months of blood sweat and tears last time. Torture to start with until I finally started to enjoy it. However, it’s my own fault and I just have to suck it up and focus on my health. After all, if we didn’t know already, these strange times have certainly reminded us that health is everything.

So, without further or do, here are my current pics. 18stone! My goodness. No wonder my back and knees hurt. Let’s see how things go from here.

Keep safe all,


What’s New With Me, What’s New With You?



I hope you’re all well. What’s new?

I was just in the shower when I thought to myself, ”I really miss the world of WordPress”. (Well I sang it to myself in all honesty.) So here I am. Writing my first post, in what seems like forever!! (Apologies, I know my last post was, also, a bit apologetic about my lack of interaction but please bear with.)

I thought I would give you all a quick update on my, seemingly, hectic life first of all.

I have just moved down to London to start my degree which has been such a stress for me. In reality, I am quite grumpy and don’t like when I have to make new friends so this was a major worry for me. However, I have put my unsociableness (is that a word?) aside and made 5 friends so far. So primary school -esque I know but that’s what it feels like. Then there’s the whole writing thing. I haven’t written anything bar my name and these posts (which aren’t exactly degree standard English) in around 5 years. According to a quiz I had to take in my induction regarding my time keeping and mentality, these next three years are going to be extremely stressful for me and I am most likely to fail. It also stated that I should get a lot of help. Psychologically or not, I just don’t know. So yeah, I am so enthusiastic about the next three years of my life.

Then there is the London look, sorry, thing, which I am dedicating a whole post to. It will most likely be filled with ranting bullshit, much like this one just to give you a quick heads up.

On top of all of this, I have had my hair cut, which at first I liked, but now I’ve washed it and figured out that I cant style it like the hairdresser lady… I bloody hate it and look like a boy.

With all of this going on, I have convinced myself that I haven’t had time to do much exercise. Now I have settled down a bit, I realise this is a fat persons excuse. I have had so many hours of just daydreaming, watching Netflix and or eating. This is not a routine I want to get myself back into. Especially as I have put a bit of weight on. My subconscious is also telling me to get my fat ass together as I had a horrible dream about being about 40 stone last night. It was terrifyingly realistic.

I am, therefore, going to sort my life out a bit and schedule exercise into my days. (A tip the quiz thing gave me. Should I reference that or something?)  My Fitness Pal is back in the game and salad is my new best friend.

I am going to go more into my exercise plans in my next post so wont give too much away right now so keep your eyes peeled.. Not that it’s going to be thrilling or anything.

Until that time folks, have a good’en!


1 Week On

Just over a week has passed, and I must be honest, I haven’t been as strict as I should be on myself.

Originally I wanted to do my exercises 5 times a week but due to work commitments I haven’t managed that. In the past 9 days I have only done them 5 times. The next time I work until late I will push myself to do some before I go work like running, hula-hooping and sit ups. When I get back my dad said he will help me with a short and fast boxing workout. I will be knackered but it will all be worth it.

Food wise I am doing fairly well. I have exchanged my white bread sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bar lunch for a salad, 2 pieces of fruit and yoghurt every day. I must say I’m not even slightly bored of it yet! I do still have the occasional piece of chocolate just so I don’t crave it and stuff my face as I normally would. Dinner wise, I have been having my normal dinners and experimenting with more. (See my 15 minute fiery prawn post).

With the help of my mam, I measured all of my major wobbly chunks today:

Waist – 40″
Hips – 49″
Bust – 42″
Thighs – 25″

I have decided that I am going to measure myself every few weeks as it is hardly worth doing weekly and seeing little results. This goes for weighing myself too and taking side photos.

Weight wise I have gained, which was expected seen as I am turning fat to muscle. At least, I bloody hope so.

Side wise I can’t see any difference. The picture is slightly more close up than last time. But I have to give it time.

Overall, I am going to keep at it but won’t be posting up update posts for at least another 2 weeks. I will also knuckle down on my exercise. Although I dread doing it, afterwards, I feel fantastic. My sessions have just got a bit longer which will push me that little more and, not to forget, sweat like a bitch.

If you have any tips that could aid me then please don’t be shy and comment below. Thanks.