Quick Word Of Advice


For anyone that is missing or thinking of missing a couple of runs here and there. DON’T!!!!!

I have been off running for the past month and a half, doing the odd three mile here and there. Yesterday, I started back on my healthy eating and fitness regime. The first run of only 1.5 miles was torture and today’s was even worse. It’s crazy how quickly your body relaxes. I’ve realised that missing the odd one or two runs really isn’t worth it especially as my body feels like it is back to square one.

Don’t do what I did folks. Keep going!


My Favourite App

After trying many apps to keep a log of my runs/walks, I have finally found my favourite. ‘RunKeeper’. It was introduced to me by one of my colleagues and now I can’t stop using it.

So Why Is It My Fave?
1) The minimum version of the app is free. However, even though it’s not got all the features, there are still loads to play with.
2) It maps my runs/walks accurately without draining my battery in half an hour.
3) You can link it up with your social networking sites or phone contacts and add your friends on it. Very motivational if you are competitive.
4) I find the calorie statistics accurate. Many a times, using other apps, I would do a 17 mile walk and, apparently, only have burnt 30 calories…
5) It’s not just about running or walking, there are loads of other items you can select. From cycling to Zumba to weights to snowboarding.
6) Very simple to use. I am not the most tech savvy so when I get an app I want it to be simple and straight to the point. This is. All you do at the start is sign up with your details(weight, name etc) and then each session you do just change the setting to what exercise you’re doing and away you go.
7) You can make a schedule, set goals and stick to them. The app will remind you to workout (if you select that you want it to.) Seeing a schedule helps me personally as I am one of those who like to tick things off. If I see something that I should’ve done that I haven’t, I feel extremely bad.
8) You can pair it up with a heart rate monitor app if you have one.
9) You can select your distance in Kms OR miles!
10) You can make your own playlists for each of your workouts using the music on your phone.

So if you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it!


Running-You CAN Do It!


Running. Severn letters that combine to make one of the most feared words in all time. But why is that?

I must admit, I have never been a fan of running. Even when I was mega sporty and fit, I could only just manage three miles. So when I was told by my mum to go running with her at the start of my ‘health kick’ back last summer, I almost felt sick to the stomach. I couldn’t do it back then let alone when I was over 16 and a half stone!! Nether the less, I was forced to start doing just over a mile route. We could have probably walked quicker but at least it was more than sitting at home.
We went for these short runs maybe once or twice a week mixed in with my normal work outs, walks and Zumba from August to Christmas. So I didn’t mind going for the runs. They weren’t challenging. Once New Year hit, I decided I wanted to take running seriously. I signed up for the 10k Great Manchester run for May to try and force myself to work harder. From New Year I started doing an extended 30minute route with my mum. Over the next month, we were able to pick up the pace and that became easier. In Feb I joined the local Park Run. Every Saturday I have walked 25 mins to the park and ran 5k. The first time I did it, I managed half a lap (out of two) then had to walk/run the rest of the way. Now though, I can do both laps without stopping and I’m improving my time each time I go.
From this week I have decided to do 5k at least two times a week mixed in with my normal workout, Zumba and maybe a long power walk every other Sunday.

The main point in my experience I have just written, is that it DOES get easier. Honestly. The biggest tip I can give you, the thing that gets me through everyone of my runs is to think positive. Keep telling yourself not to quit, just go that bit further. It pays off no end. Since I’ve been doing the Park Runs, I have noticed the runs round where I live that I do with my mam are so much easier and now she has to struggle to keep up with me. Even she can’t believe it.

After a run, you feel so satisfied and proud of yourself. You really do deserve a pat on the back. Not only this but there is a HUGE running community out there and everyone of them are lovely and encouraging. I’ve spoken to quite a few at the Park runs and it’s surprising how many started out like me. They are so inspiring.

So if you want to start running but are too scared, just go for it. Don’t be afraid of what you look like running, at least you are actually doing something! Sign yourself up to a charity run or club. Meet with friends who go or just go by yourself. Yes it’s going to take a lot of will power to get up and go. Yes it’s going to hurt like hell for a while. But it WILL get better as long as you persevere. You will not regret it!

Happy running.

Phase One of Training

As most of you are aware I am doing the Manchester Great 10k run in May. When posting about it on Facebook, one of my old college friends messaged me saying she was doing it too and we should start training together.

We decided we should start doing the local 5k Park Run to get ourselves going. Today was out first.
This morning I was so nervous I felt sick and when I met up with my friend, she said she was the same. We slowly trudged up the hill of the park to the starting point, passed by Lycra cladded, pro, stick thin runners. It was rather daunting. When we got to the start line there were over a hundred people there waiting.
We started moving off with the crowd which,eventually, spread out during the downhill start. The run consisted of two laps. The route was up and down hill and some on flat terrain. It was very hard. Every part of me was aching, but we did it! One woman we met along the way said if you do it in 40 minutes you have done well. Guess what time we did it in… Approx 37mins….Our first go! Not only did we feel so good having not come last and beating the target time, we were also highly motivated for the future runs especially the 10k in May.

We are, now, going to go every weekend to improve our times and also mid week in soon. If you have a park run near you, I highly advise going to it for that extra push if you need it. If it’s anything like the one I went to today, you will love it and meet some genuinely awesome, inspirational people.

I Carried A Watermelon


That’s right, good ol Baby only had to carry one Watermelon whereas I’m having to carry bloody two!! Constantly. I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly feel that my boobs get in the way all the time when working out.

When I first started properly in August, they were fucking huge! My cups were the size of my head I kid you not. Gradually over the past couple of months, inevitably, they have started to shrink. (Much to the disappointment of my girlfriend.) Them shrinking has helped a tad. I can now fit in a sports bra and they don’t reach my face when they bounce anymore but that’s about it.
When I run, even in a fitted sports bra they flap about. It’s so embarrassing when I run past people and they can clearing here my tits bouncing up and down.
They get in the way with my chest squeezes. They hurt my back. But the worst is when I skip. Oh my days. It’s like someone performing CPR on my chest with every jump.
I know all of these niggles are going to fade with more weightloss but that got me thinking. ..

How do those girls, for example, models/actresses/singers, with massive boob jobs keep running to stay fit? I mean, ok, so they may not bounce around as much when running as they are cemented on but they must wiggle a bit? And pull on the skin?
Do they have specially made bras? I struggled to find one for my size let alone for ones like Jordan’s.
Are they prone to sweaty rashes? Not good for anyone!
But most importantly, doesn’t the extra weight make it so much harder for them?! That’s most likely why they stay so skinny.
I suppose they do come into use though if you’re in a race. They could just run normally at the end and their breast could pass the finish line a couple of minutes before them. None of this bending over malarkey.
Also the fact again that they don’t move too much so you can run with a great looking cleavage constantly even on the 26th mile of a marathon not one swinging to the right with the other up in the air.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens to them as time goes on. Goodbye Watermelons!

One Pack Closer


My pack came through! It’s safe to say I need to lose a lot more before May to fit into my top!

Again, if you would like to donate to a very worthy cause please visit my JustGiving site.

Or if you would like to participate in the Bupa Manchester Great Run, it is being held on the 18th May and costs £38. Sign up today to secure your place! http://www.greatrun.org/Events/event.aspx?id=4