Warning! This is not a drill.


This is what I have been up to.

Hello dear fitness world.

My how I have missed you. Has it truly been 8 months since my last post? You know what that also means? 8 months of slacking. S-L-A-C-K-I-N-G! Yes I admit it, I have been slothing around horrendously, working out every now and again, binge eating then crash dieting and not to mention drinking excessively. I knew exactly what I was doing at the time I was doing it and the repercussions of those actions (mainly being added weeks/months of grueling workouts). Yet I chose to ignore those thoughts and carried on abusing my body. I feel like I have just been experiencing my fitness ‘teenage years’ in 8 months. Rebelling against my own ‘sensible’ self.

You know where these 8 months of rebelling have got me? 1 stone heavier and back to square 2 (not quite square 1) with my running. 3 miles seems like pure hell on Earth and half of my energy that I should be using to run is wasted on expressing my emotions using only uterrly foul language. I even think I have made up some new ones in the process.

Thankfully, my brain kicked in and decided enough is enough. It told me the only way I could overcome this turbulent phase was to do something drastic; a real kick up the arse. So I did just that. I signed up for a half marathon. This may not seem much to those of you who run more marathons than have showers but to me, this was the best, most achievable yet challenging goal I could aim towards. After all, the most I have ever ran is 6miles. Signing up for the half marathon has helped me regain focus and direction. I have something I HAVE to work towards. If I am to run 13 miles, I will run the whole thing not just jogging a bit then walking the rest. Signing up for the half marathon also forces me to make healthier choices in regards to my eating habbits. There is no way that my knees would be able to endure running with my current weight for the bus let alone 13 miles.

I don’t know about how you are in regards to healthy eating and general fitness but the only way I have found that I can suceed is by ‘forcing’ myself to do/eat things that I genuinely do not want to. I have to get way out of my comfort zone and in the end I start to enjoy aspects that otherwise used to repel me. Heck, I came so far so why can’t I finally finish my weightloss journey this time? Maybe these past 8 months were a long, unintenional rest that I needed to finish what I set out to initially achieve. The process is going to be damn right challenging and will sometimes seem impossible but I reackon I have now regained the midset to accomplish my goal.

Currently, I am back in London at uni. Exams are over and we are back at placement. There is tonnes of work that I have to do but I am no longer using that as an excuse and I shall be back blogging more regularly once again. Watch this space!


My waistline will be this small again.



Run Done!


*Please excuse our mank faces.*

This Sunday just past I participated in the Great Manchester 10k Run.

I did the same run last year and trained hard beforehand. My time was 1 hour 11. This year, however, I didn’t train half as much as I should have but managed to complete the course in 1 hour 9! What is even better is that I didn’t feel half as tired as I did last time.


This has really been the motivation that I needed to get back, seriously, into my running. Me and a friend are even signing up to a half marathon next year as something to aim for. Are we mad? We will find out but I am very excited at this stage.

How are all of you doing? Any runs booked too?

If anybody would like to donate to the charity that I ran for…The British Heart Foundation…it isn’t too late to do so. Any donation no matter how big or small will be highly appreciated.


1st Charity Run of 2015 BOOKED


Here’s a bit of motivation booked already… Manchester 10k run in May.

Last year I suprised myself by completeing the race without stopping or walking in 1hr 11mins. In my current state, I could probably pencil roll the thing. Hang on, pencils are associated with skinny, let me rephrase that to sharpie roll.

Why not join up too for a good cause or another one close to where you live? Once you sign up they send you training plans and instructions on setting up a JustGiving page if you wanted to.
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Running-You CAN Do It!


Running. Severn letters that combine to make one of the most feared words in all time. But why is that?

I must admit, I have never been a fan of running. Even when I was mega sporty and fit, I could only just manage three miles. So when I was told by my mum to go running with her at the start of my ‘health kick’ back last summer, I almost felt sick to the stomach. I couldn’t do it back then let alone when I was over 16 and a half stone!! Nether the less, I was forced to start doing just over a mile route. We could have probably walked quicker but at least it was more than sitting at home.
We went for these short runs maybe once or twice a week mixed in with my normal work outs, walks and Zumba from August to Christmas. So I didn’t mind going for the runs. They weren’t challenging. Once New Year hit, I decided I wanted to take running seriously. I signed up for the 10k Great Manchester run for May to try and force myself to work harder. From New Year I started doing an extended 30minute route with my mum. Over the next month, we were able to pick up the pace and that became easier. In Feb I joined the local Park Run. Every Saturday I have walked 25 mins to the park and ran 5k. The first time I did it, I managed half a lap (out of two) then had to walk/run the rest of the way. Now though, I can do both laps without stopping and I’m improving my time each time I go.
From this week I have decided to do 5k at least two times a week mixed in with my normal workout, Zumba and maybe a long power walk every other Sunday.

The main point in my experience I have just written, is that it DOES get easier. Honestly. The biggest tip I can give you, the thing that gets me through everyone of my runs is to think positive. Keep telling yourself not to quit, just go that bit further. It pays off no end. Since I’ve been doing the Park Runs, I have noticed the runs round where I live that I do with my mam are so much easier and now she has to struggle to keep up with me. Even she can’t believe it.

After a run, you feel so satisfied and proud of yourself. You really do deserve a pat on the back. Not only this but there is a HUGE running community out there and everyone of them are lovely and encouraging. I’ve spoken to quite a few at the Park runs and it’s surprising how many started out like me. They are so inspiring.

So if you want to start running but are too scared, just go for it. Don’t be afraid of what you look like running, at least you are actually doing something! Sign yourself up to a charity run or club. Meet with friends who go or just go by yourself. Yes it’s going to take a lot of will power to get up and go. Yes it’s going to hurt like hell for a while. But it WILL get better as long as you persevere. You will not regret it!

Happy running.

Phase One of Training

As most of you are aware I am doing the Manchester Great 10k run in May. When posting about it on Facebook, one of my old college friends messaged me saying she was doing it too and we should start training together.

We decided we should start doing the local 5k Park Run to get ourselves going. Today was out first.
This morning I was so nervous I felt sick and when I met up with my friend, she said she was the same. We slowly trudged up the hill of the park to the starting point, passed by Lycra cladded, pro, stick thin runners. It was rather daunting. When we got to the start line there were over a hundred people there waiting.
We started moving off with the crowd which,eventually, spread out during the downhill start. The run consisted of two laps. The route was up and down hill and some on flat terrain. It was very hard. Every part of me was aching, but we did it! One woman we met along the way said if you do it in 40 minutes you have done well. Guess what time we did it in… Approx 37mins….Our first go! Not only did we feel so good having not come last and beating the target time, we were also highly motivated for the future runs especially the 10k in May.

We are, now, going to go every weekend to improve our times and also mid week in soon. If you have a park run near you, I highly advise going to it for that extra push if you need it. If it’s anything like the one I went to today, you will love it and meet some genuinely awesome, inspirational people.

One Pack Closer


My pack came through! It’s safe to say I need to lose a lot more before May to fit into my top!

Again, if you would like to donate to a very worthy cause please visit my JustGiving site.

Or if you would like to participate in the Bupa Manchester Great Run, it is being held on the 18th May and costs £38. Sign up today to secure your place! http://www.greatrun.org/Events/event.aspx?id=4

Run Sophia Run

Yesterday I signed up for the Bupa Great Manchester 10k run. It’s not a marathon but I have to start somewhere. If anybody is in the UK, why not take a look and see if you fancy running? http://www.greatrun.org/Events/event.aspx?id=4

There is a huge list of charities to run for or if you don’t fancy running for one on the list then you can just put whichever other charity you want to.
I am running for Macmillon. A charity that helps provide care for cancer patients and their families. The work they do is astounding and the staff are unbelievable. They have helped my family a lot in the past. If you fancy sponsoring me then please visit my JustGiving page. Any donation would be much appreciated 🙂 https://www.justgiving.com/Sophia-Thom/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=shares-from-eua&utm_content=Sophia-Thom&utm_campaign=eua-share-facebook

Phase one of training starts tomorrow with an 8 mile run/walk to get me into the swing of things. Will keep you posted!