Gousto Review

During the Black Friday period, my social media pages kept popping adverts for Gousto up at me. Even AI knows I’m fat! “50% off your first box and 30% off your next 3” I thought that sounded quite decent and so clicked.

Looking through the menu I could have selected at least 10 meals that I fancied so I decided to give Gousto a go.

Now my girlfriend is very fussy when it comes to food so I decided to select the 4 meals for 2 people per week plan but have my half for dinners and save the rest for lunches.

I signed up and downloaded the app, selected my 4 meals, opted what day I’d like my delivery (which is free) and that was that. All very simple.

The delivery day came, in the morning I received a text to tell me an hour time frame to expect my delivery. Always helpful when planning my day. On schedule, the driver came and delivered my Gousto box. Inside there’s a separate cold box with the meat inside and ice, packets of sauces and other small bits numbered to correspond with the chosen recipes, loose veg/fruit etc and your recipe cards. It felt like Christmas.

All the meals come with recipe cards with easy broken down stages that make the meals simple to make even for a novice like me. You can also order a free recipe folder to keep all of your recipes in.

The Gousto App is extremely simple to use. Every week they release the weeks worth of recipes to choose from for the following week. There is always lots to choose from and have so many options for vegetarians/vegans/gluten free/ lactose free etc.

Here are some of the meals I’ve made so far (please excuse the sketty baking trays – we are in the process of moving so waiting to buy more when move house).

If you want to try Gousto let me know. Use my code SOPHI42091647. Use it to get 50% off of your first box and 30% the rest of your months boxes! You can cancel at any time! Visit the link here to start up: https://www.gousto.co.uk/.

And as if all of that isn’t enough to get you to try Gousto … most if not all the packaging is recyclable and my cats LOVE the boxes!

I am definitely loving Gousto thus far – 4 weeks in. I’m not over spending buying lots of excess food and wasting it. Im not snacking as much as I used to be and I’m also not stressing about what meals I should have and make. Give it a go and see if you like it as much as we do!

S x

Quick and Easy Chicken and Leek Pie


  • 2 x chicken breasts
  • 2 x leeks
  • Creme Fresh
  • Mustard
  • Puff pastry
  • Plain flour
  • 1 onion
  • Chicken stock
  • 2 x garlic cloves


1) Start by cutting your chicken breasts into small chunks, leeks, garlic cloves and onion.

2) Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 (180degrees) Heat a small amount of olive oil in a pan and add the chicken. Cool until white all the way through.

3) Add the garlic, onion and leeks. Cool until soft.

4) Boil water in a kettle. Dissolve the chicken stock cube in 450mls of the boiling water and add to the pan.

5) Stir in 2-3 tablespoons of the cream and 2 tbsps of plain flour. Add 1-2 tsps of mustard and stir thoroughly.

6) Once cooked through, add to an oven prove dish.

7) Cut out the correct size puff pastry to lay over the top of the dish and add it on the top.

8) Place in the centre of the oven for approx 20mins (or until done).

Voila! I accompanied the pie with garlic buttery cabbage and green beans.

2021 – Starting the Year with a Bang

Happy new year everyone! Whilst I’m not expecting miracles, I’m praying that we shall regain some normality from this shite Coronavirus at least by summer!

Now then, just look at the state of this…

WHAT EVEN IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!? I have NEVER been anywhere close to this figure before. What makes it worse is – I’ve not even been eating that bad and I’ve been walking more! I got so depressed after weighing myself – I have to lose 3 stone to get back to my heavy weight of 16st. It’s going to be awful!!!!!!!

I’ve decided not to go with resolutions this year and simply set monthly goals to try and be more manageable.

My goal for January is to lose 7ibs. Its going to be awfully hard but you can’t expect change without changing yourself and your habits!

What are your goals for January or resolutions?

S x

Cliché Beginning

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas regardless of the current situation. That’s me enjoying my Ferraro Roches and Aldi version of Baileys white choc on Boxing Day.

Now Christmas is over, I’m thinking ahead to new year. Will it be another cliché? Trying to lose some ibs for one month but then relapse after a month or so? Signing up for the gym to go maybe once and think that’s enough?

The answer is … maybe.

Due to my ill health this year and me not watching what I eat for most of it (bar Gousto for a couple of weeks) I am now at the heaviest I have EVER been. I am 18.5 stone. It’s crazy!

What’s worse is, I can really notice the impact on my health (regardless of Covid). My breathing is hindered by the fat around my neck, shoulders snd breasts, I stop breathing during my sleep, I snore a colossal amount, my neck is joined to my face, I get tired out doing nothing and my PCOS has gone crazy. Forget 5 o click shadow I’ve got 9am shadow. I’ve also been on my period since Nov 3rd….. non stop and counting!!!! God knows how I’m not anaemic. Therefore this is not going to be a sheep following some fads. This is going to be a serious attempt at getting my health back in order. If I’ve learnt anything from this shit year it’s that your health and happiness are all that matters (there’s the cliché).

Come the 1st of January, I’ll be more active on here and try and post weekly posts. Comment your accounts so I can follow your journeys too! Maybe we can help each other.

S x

Yule Tidings

Happy December everyone. The season to be Merry.

I hope you’re all good and getting into the festive spirit.

Update on situation:

  • Currently still off of work
  • Still suffering with post Covid symptoms – but going in the right direction
  • I can confirm I am the heaviest I have ever weighed in my entire existance
  • I’ve been on my period since November 3rd (and counting)

I’m so desperate to go back to work and get on with exploring and going for walks. I’ve managed the occasional small one but then only for it the following day.

In all honesty, I’m pretty anxious about once I’m better and getting back in the weight loss/fitness track. I’m at my worst health that I’ve ever been in. A few years ago was hard – this time I know it’s going to be even harder.

On the other hand, I have signed up to Gousto to try and regulate my diet but more of that coming up.

What motivates you? I need some tips.

S x

A Little Break

This is my first post in a month or so. I’ve stopped doing the weekly weigh ins recently along with pretty much everything else as I keep getting ill at the moment. Between that and work I am also in the process of buying a house.

Rest assured I’ll be back on track once all this illness is gotten to the bottom of and gone. I’m just focusing on getting back to a ‘normal’ healthy state before I continue with my fitness.

In the mean time I’m trying to snack on veg, currently seasoned sweet potato.

Keep safe all.