Over To You


When it comes to supplements, I am in two minds. I get why you may take some to build up muscle but what about the ones that replace meals? The ones that say they have every nutrient you will ever need in them? The ones that say they will burn the fat off?

What I want to know is what you guys think. What do you take, if any, and why? Or if you don’t take any, why not?

Goal Achieved


At the start of the week, I weighed 15stone 1ish. Full of optimism, I set myself a goal of weighing in the 14 stone bracket, even if it was 14st13ibs. And guess what guys and dolls…..


GET IN!!!!!!!!!!! This means I am now only 2ibs off from losing 2 stone altogether which makes me very chuffed. Just got to keep on going now and then I will actually feel like the guy at the top of the mountain in the pic! Bring it on!