My Resolutions


Hello all.

I’m not one for resolutions normally. I usually say something ridiculous like “I won’t eat any carbs at all for the whole year and go for 3 runs every single day”.  Needless to say, I bugger it up after a month.

This year though, I have decided to set myself reasonable small resolutions, all be it, still challenging. Maybe it’s me growing old or maybe it’s my subconscious mind telling me to get my act together about food. (Basically I have been having more or less the same dream on and off for the past couple of weeks where I am, either, the weight I was when I first started or even heavier.) I definetly do not want that to happen!

So here are my resolutions and reasons why…….

1) No more Beer.

Since I moved to London, I have been drinking Beer by the barrell full. Normally I don’t have it but down there I just live on the stuff especially as there are so many quirky free houses near me.

2) No more pastry!

I have been eating sausage rolls like a mad woman. I prefer savoury than sweet and these things just fill that craving I always get. Naughty Sophia.

3) No more white bread.

I have cut down a lot already, but I have been plain lasy for the past 3 months and just eaten whatever is in the house.

4) No more crisps.

Whenever I am in a shop I always add a packet of crisps to my basket. No idea why but I need to stop this immediately!!!

5) Get back into running.

I miss going on my regular runs and I really should start it up again. My aim is to sign up for a couple of sponsored ones to motivate me more and then start training. Notice no fixed amount of running.

You could also say I need to learn to count too as I missed out a number in my previous post but sod it.

What are your resolutions for the year if any? Do you think you will actually stick to them for the whole duration? I’d love to hear from some of you!

Have a great weekend all. 🙂

Tips for New Year Newbies


So New Years is just around the corner full of resolutions to leave your old self behind and to, this time, get fit and healthy. Promises of no more junk food just heaps of succulent salad (You WILL like it). No more slouching on the sofa after work but going to the gym everyday and getting a six pack by April.
As lovely as all of this sounds, the sad fact is, most don’t last until March.

If you are serious about keeping your resolution this year though, here are my

1) Set a reasonable target.

There is no use being 15stone with a huge pot belly saying that you want to slim down to 9stone by May because it just won’t happen. Well, not unless you want to do yourself some damage. You need to set regular, workable goals each month. If you start by working towarfs losing 3ibs a month, see how you do…if you are finding that too easy…up your game by a couple of pounds. Or vice versa, finding it too hard…drop a couple of pounds. The main thing is not to dishearten yourself. I find that if I keep reaching my goals, I stay in a positive attitude and I make sure I reach my next goal. If I don’t, I always have a lapse and have to work double as hard next time.

2) Don’t think you can live on 500 calories a day.

Yes, if you only eat 500 caloriea a day for a month, you will drop a considerable amount of weight. However, no only is this seriously unhealthy, you will put it all back on as soon as you start eating regular meals, you will not enjoy your new ‘healthy lifestyle’ and last but not least if you are actually excercising as well… You will probably collapse and make yourself ill.

All I will say is cut your calories by a HEALTHY resonable amount. I think for women it is around 1200-1300 but you will have to research it depending on your sex, current weight and how much weight you want to lose. Once you start tracking your calories, you finally realise how little 500 calories is and also how much you have been eating before. Which brings me onto my next tip…

4) Download a fitness/food diary app.

Now days in the ‘techno age’, we are fortunate to have a million and one apps to help us track our progress with our eating and our fitness. The beat thing to do is download a couple, try them out and see which one is best for you. Most of the best ones are free so you don’t need to spend loads.

If you are at a stop not knowing where to begin, why not ask friends or even google what everyone else is using. I myself use ‘My Fitness Pal’ for tracking what I am eating and to work out my calorie intake. For my running, I use ‘Run Keeper’ just because I have found it to be more accurate than others.

5) Be truthful with yourself.

What exactly do you think you will achieve if you fool yourself you are doing well when really you are scoffing your face when no one is watching. Reactions from people are what will really tell you if you are doing well.
There are many a time I go for a run and then go to reward myself with cake and sausage rolls. In my mind I feel I am doing great and brag to people about how much running I am doing and then not getting any reaction from them. However, when I started getting into my regime properly with no cheating, I did start to get postive feedback from people without bragging to them and that is the biggest confidence booster. So don’t pop in your calorie app that you have only eaten an apple as a snack when really you have had a Mars bar too.

6) Find some competition.

It’s the New Year, a gazillion people have just eaten 10 years worth of food in the past 2 weeks, most of them will be wanting to lose weight. Find someone who you can ‘compete’ and compare your weightloss with. Of course, everyones weightloss journey is their own individual experience but it does help if you have a natural competitive side. Seeing someone else do well at something you want to do will make you put that extra effort in and do just as well as them, if not more.

7) Enjoy yourself.

I know, I know…. Weightloss is not the most enjoyable thing to do. Well, you may be wrong. It feels like torture to begin with, I am not going to lie, but after a while you start to feel so much better about yourself for doing it. Don’t just eat lettuce everyday…. Learn some new recipes, there are loads out there. Explore with food.
Don’t just think you have to go for a boring run or gym everday… Visit new places and go running or walking in beautful scenery or join up to clubs or sign yourself up to fun runs and obstacle runs. Spice up your exercise a bit (in that way too if you want!) If you don’t like a certain exercise, stop doing it and find something you do like (and not just because it is easier).

Good luck to you all in the New Year. You will have to let me know how your journeys go.

I hope 2015 is filled with laughter, love and light. Chin Chin! 🍸

What’s New With Me, What’s New With You?



I hope you’re all well. What’s new?

I was just in the shower when I thought to myself, ”I really miss the world of WordPress”. (Well I sang it to myself in all honesty.) So here I am. Writing my first post, in what seems like forever!! (Apologies, I know my last post was, also, a bit apologetic about my lack of interaction but please bear with.)

I thought I would give you all a quick update on my, seemingly, hectic life first of all.

I have just moved down to London to start my degree which has been such a stress for me. In reality, I am quite grumpy and don’t like when I have to make new friends so this was a major worry for me. However, I have put my unsociableness (is that a word?) aside and made 5 friends so far. So primary school -esque I know but that’s what it feels like. Then there’s the whole writing thing. I haven’t written anything bar my name and these posts (which aren’t exactly degree standard English) in around 5 years. According to a quiz I had to take in my induction regarding my time keeping and mentality, these next three years are going to be extremely stressful for me and I am most likely to fail. It also stated that I should get a lot of help. Psychologically or not, I just don’t know. So yeah, I am so enthusiastic about the next three years of my life.

Then there is the London look, sorry, thing, which I am dedicating a whole post to. It will most likely be filled with ranting bullshit, much like this one just to give you a quick heads up.

On top of all of this, I have had my hair cut, which at first I liked, but now I’ve washed it and figured out that I cant style it like the hairdresser lady… I bloody hate it and look like a boy.

With all of this going on, I have convinced myself that I haven’t had time to do much exercise. Now I have settled down a bit, I realise this is a fat persons excuse. I have had so many hours of just daydreaming, watching Netflix and or eating. This is not a routine I want to get myself back into. Especially as I have put a bit of weight on. My subconscious is also telling me to get my fat ass together as I had a horrible dream about being about 40 stone last night. It was terrifyingly realistic.

I am, therefore, going to sort my life out a bit and schedule exercise into my days. (A tip the quiz thing gave me. Should I reference that or something?)  My Fitness Pal is back in the game and salad is my new best friend.

I am going to go more into my exercise plans in my next post so wont give too much away right now so keep your eyes peeled.. Not that it’s going to be thrilling or anything.

Until that time folks, have a good’en!


Stretch Marks Are Not Just For Christmas


Stretch marks, they effect nearly everyone, even skinny people! Some more than others. Most people just associate them with women having babies but they occur whenever someone,with certain skin, gains or loses weight regardless of gender. Simply, whenever your skin stretches.(If you notice any new ones when you haven’t lost or gained weight, go see your Dr.)

If you have them and are getting really stressed and self conscious about the way they look, there are loads of beauty tips out there on how to camouflage them. Search for beauty blogs on here or other blog sites or research them on the Internet. Ask your friends or colleagues, I’m sure they will have tried stuff. Mostly, the advice will be to moisturise with creams or oils. Remember, everyone is different so if you try one cream that everyone is raving on about, your skin may not react to it like it did to theirs. You may have to try a couple to find your best one. Also remember that once you get stretch marks, they don’t disappear they just fade so don’t be expecting miracles. If no creams work, then I’ve heard of the laser treatment they can do. It’s pricey and painful by the sounds of it but it will help fade the marks immensely.
Surgery should be the last option in my opinion. It’s not free on the NHS but most importantly it comes with numerous risks like with any operation. Weigh up all the pros and cons extensively before you make any decisions.

The way I see it, as with anything, is to try and make a positive out of the negative. I have stretch marks all the way up my sides, under my arms, on my boobs and on my inner thighs. As I’ve been losing weight they seem to have got bigger and more prominent. But to be honest, I try and see them as battle scars. A reminder of what I’ve been through and how far I will have come when I reach my optimum weight. A reminder of the endurance and stamina it’s taken to lose this weight.
Over time they will naturally fade so I haven’t been worried about using creams (yet!) This summer it is my goal to wear a bikini on holiday and traipse around in pants all day long. My marks will be completely on show and I will wear them with pride.

And so it begins….

Looking down at the scales,I stare in disbelief.

16stone. That’s bad even for me and I’ve always been on the heavy side. I can see it too. Not just in my overhung belly and bulky hips but everywhere else too. No matter how much I try and suck my face in for photos, all my chins still make an appearance. I have to do something now before I get too old and can only lose a pound from a year eating nothing but soup.
So I have decided to make a blog/diary of my diet and exercise regime with weekly posts of my progress or blunders. Nothing will be held back so readers of a weak stomach, please let this be a warning. There will be photos of naked flesh on here!

This will be my last chance at truly changing my life. Not just for looks but for health reasons too. Long gone are the monthly diets that end in the usual, “Oh I’ve lost half a stone so I can eat this cake.” This is serious stuff. I know the roads going to be one hell of a bumpy shitty ride but I hope to share the journey with you.