Apps For All


Hello guys! Just a quick post to let you know that there are loads of great free apps out there at the moment to help with your workouts and/or healthy eating. (That’s not me, unfortunately, in the top picture!)

These are the ones I am using at the moment:
MyFitnessPal- Tracks how many calories you are eating and also how many calories you are losing. Although you have to write down everything you do and eat in the day it’s brilliant for keeping on target. Little things that you eat daily that you may think won’t hurt actually do ALOT! Total cost-FREE!


Nike+ Running- I have just started using some of the Nike apps and they are great! There are so many running trackers but I find this one of the most accurate. It measures your distance and calories and also keeps you informed on where you are at with your running goals.


Nike Training- This is just like the Nike+ Running app except you can enter all the different workout sessions you want to and have done. And like before it makes sure you stick to the targets you set yourself.


There are SO many other apps out there, you just have to search through them all and try them out. Especially when they are free. You may see one that costs something but it could be the best app ever. Whatever you choose, I guarantee you they will help with your progress. If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet then don’t worry, there are loads of websites online that do exactly the same thing too!

Good luck guys and keep up the great work!!