On A More Serious Note…

In most of my posts, I make a joke about my weight and constant struggles lowering it. This post, however, is just something a bit more serious that I would like to share with you all.

Of course, I would like to lose weight to enable me to feel good about myself. Be able to look in a mirror without utter disgust. Be able to look good in clothes that are a bit skimpier than a bin bag. The main reason I would like to lose weight, however, is to improve my health. Here are some of the observations that I have made recently with my rising BMI:


Hardly exercising, drinking and eating constant crap is really having a detrimental effect on my mind. The main thing it is playing on is my anxiety. I have not been going with my family to see other family members because of my anxiety. Worrying about what they will think/say about my increasing weight – how disappointed they will be in me. Not only family members, but cancelling on friends too for the same reasons.

I have also noticed myself growing more and more depressed. I, honestly, have no nice things to say about myself. I can not look at myself in the mirror at all. A constant feeling of tiredness accompanies my little to no drive.


My hair is ridiculously thin, constantly breaking and falling out quicker than North&South Korea.


As some of you who have followed this blog from the beginning will know, I have Poly-cystic Ovaries. Before I lost weight a few years ago, I hadn’t had a period in over a year. When I lost the weight, my periods came back to being monthly and light. However, since gaining back the pounds I have noticed my monthly periods becoming less regular and even skipping months. This is not something that I would like to start happening again as it effects so much more than just my menstrual cycle.


My skin is growing whiter by the day, massive circles around my eyes and I look generally unwell all of the time. I believe this is due to not having the right amount of vitamins through not eating properly and not exercising regularly.

General Health:

I’m not going to lie, in the past two months I have been seriously worried that I was going to have a heart attack – on more than one occasion! I have been feeling tight chest pains, unusual heart rhythms/flutters and experiencing very high blood pressure, something that I NEVER get. I have caught a bad bad cold more times in the past six months than ever before and I find it hard to breathe if I lay on my back due to my neck fat and humongous boobs crushing down on my trachea.

So there you have it folks, these are the main reasons why I am incredibly focused in losing the weight that I have accumulated and put back on over the past year or two and even more if I can. It’s not about how you look it’s all about health. I don’t want to get diabetes or risk dying young all for the sake of a few precious moments with some chicken nuggets, pizzas and chocolate etc.  I want to live life and live life full. As Renton said in Trainspotting “I choose Life”.



Day 1 Of A Not-So-New Me

Happy 2017 everyone!

 Today is the day I start getting back on track with trying to get to my optimum weight. As I said in my previous post, I have not set any resolutions as I will break them within the first month. I am only going to be setting challenging but do-able monthly goals.

January Goal: This month my goal is to lose 5-7ibs and not run over 3 miles. Since running the half marathon in October, my knees haven’t been the same and I strongly believe this was due to me being too heavy to run that distance. Therefore, I want to ease my knees back into it alongside my weight loss. This is going to be a particularly hard goal to achieve this month, not only as it’s the first one but also because I have a tonne of exams, essays and presentations to do and stress makes me eat – a lot! Emotional eating is a huge problem for me so if I achieve my goal this month, I’m sure I can start to curb my emotional eating. 

So let’s start off with some hard truths, mainly being my current weight. Knowing that I have been needing to get back on the healthy eating and fitness hype, I did the ultimate thing you shouldn’t do and gorged myself silly for the past month. I had avoided the scales for the whole of December so when I went to weigh myself (just now) I was a tad angry at myself (by tad I mean incredibly)…..15 stone 8!!!! And that’s not even my real weight, everyone knows that in the morning you weigh like 3ibs less. So basically I am 15st 11! Almost back to where I was originally 3 years ago. 

Now if that isn’t motivation to kick my arse into gear, I don’t know what is! 

Plan of action for today: 20 boxing and a 1.5 mile run. Choose food wisely. Snack, if needed, on anything other than cake, chocolate, crisps, biscuits or pastry items. 

Best of luck on your endeavours if you have set out on any. I will keep you posted on mine. S

Merry Crimbo and a Quick Reflection.

Merry Christmas you beautiful lot! 

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love, friends, family and food.

Food…. something that I need to survive but can’t manage to stop eating and seen as my last post was in Feb, I must admit I’ve piled on the pounds. Yes, I’m a cliche yo-yo dieter it seems. In October I ran my first ever half marathon. Holy crap what an experience that was. I’ve never been so happy to eat a banana! God only knows why people would want to run any further than that! Never the less, I completed it and received my medal. My mum who also ran it (yes she is nearly 50 and ran it quicker than me) has already booked her next one for April and maybe another in June and then even mentioned a marathon next October. Well mum, sod that! My knackered knees are telling me to lose some stones of fat before I run any great distance again. 

And that is pretty much all I’ve really done this year. Of course the usual walking but nothing else. No wonder I’m starting to resemble a fat toad again. 

I reckon for 2017 I will not come up with any resolutions that I break within the first week, instead I will set some goals. The first being to keep on top of this and blog more frequently (I do miss you all). The second to lose at least a stone or two by this time next year. I think that’s pretty doable? In the mean time, however, I am going to be sticking my two fingers up at 2017 and seeing the year out with a week of feasting on all things unholy and drink till I’m sick at least every single day (#yolo). 

What are you all thinking for 2017? Resolutions? Goals? Feck it? 

On that note, I shall leave you all to your Christmases (spelling?!) enjoy the rest of 2016 – I’m sure it’s been a shitter for a few of us. See you all in January, much love, Sophia. 

1 Week In.


(From an evening walk just before Christmas).

Hello all. TGIFT (tomorrow).

As the title suggests, I am now one week in to my training and it has been a cracking week of that. Although I have been at placement working like a horse, I have managed to force myself out into the cold and get shit done!

Thursday: 3miles. Was very stop start as didn’t know the route and included the longest gigantic hill ever. (Had a great run down the other end though).
Friday: 5 mile walk. Had a lovely walk around Hampstead Heath as previously posted and made a delicious sugar free vegan cake also as previously posted.



Saturday: 3miles. A bit better than Thursday as was a different route but still had to walk up a steep incline.
Sunday: 13mile power walk. Used to do these near enough every Sunday but since I have moved to London it has been every so many months. As it was me, my mum and my uncle I didn’t want them to think I was a slacker and so kept up their pace. Safe to say I nearly threw up at the end. I was knackered by the 5 mile mark.
Monday: No workout. Ridiculously achey from Sunday. A bird crapped on my bag.


Tuesday: Run around the track. No idea how far it was in miles but they were quite quick 6 laps. Wasn’t the best running ever as was still achey AND I don’t like running in circles. My body says to give up once I see the finsih line so it is always hard for me to continue going after 1 lap.
Wednesday: 3 miles. Me and my friend decided to go on a random run wherever our legs took us. This in turn helped us find an amazing route packed with hills, long flat stretches a canal and general great scenery (not to mention not that busy which is a God send for central London!). We did run walk it.
Today: 3 miles. Same route as yesterday but we ran 90% this time. Despite still feeling achey we definitely pushed ourselves more. As we knew the route now we set ourselves mental checkpoints which helped no end. Lovely sunset.


After one week I can feel an improvement in my stamina. It may not be much or to how it used to be but it is definitely something and a great start. I can’t physically see any changes but hey I’m not expecting miracles. Here’s to week 2!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Warning! This is not a drill.


This is what I have been up to.

Hello dear fitness world.

My how I have missed you. Has it truly been 8 months since my last post? You know what that also means? 8 months of slacking. S-L-A-C-K-I-N-G! Yes I admit it, I have been slothing around horrendously, working out every now and again, binge eating then crash dieting and not to mention drinking excessively. I knew exactly what I was doing at the time I was doing it and the repercussions of those actions (mainly being added weeks/months of grueling workouts). Yet I chose to ignore those thoughts and carried on abusing my body. I feel like I have just been experiencing my fitness ‘teenage years’ in 8 months. Rebelling against my own ‘sensible’ self.

You know where these 8 months of rebelling have got me? 1 stone heavier and back to square 2 (not quite square 1) with my running. 3 miles seems like pure hell on Earth and half of my energy that I should be using to run is wasted on expressing my emotions using only uterrly foul language. I even think I have made up some new ones in the process.

Thankfully, my brain kicked in and decided enough is enough. It told me the only way I could overcome this turbulent phase was to do something drastic; a real kick up the arse. So I did just that. I signed up for a half marathon. This may not seem much to those of you who run more marathons than have showers but to me, this was the best, most achievable yet challenging goal I could aim towards. After all, the most I have ever ran is 6miles. Signing up for the half marathon has helped me regain focus and direction. I have something I HAVE to work towards. If I am to run 13 miles, I will run the whole thing not just jogging a bit then walking the rest. Signing up for the half marathon also forces me to make healthier choices in regards to my eating habbits. There is no way that my knees would be able to endure running with my current weight for the bus let alone 13 miles.

I don’t know about how you are in regards to healthy eating and general fitness but the only way I have found that I can suceed is by ‘forcing’ myself to do/eat things that I genuinely do not want to. I have to get way out of my comfort zone and in the end I start to enjoy aspects that otherwise used to repel me. Heck, I came so far so why can’t I finally finish my weightloss journey this time? Maybe these past 8 months were a long, unintenional rest that I needed to finish what I set out to initially achieve. The process is going to be damn right challenging and will sometimes seem impossible but I reackon I have now regained the midset to accomplish my goal.

Currently, I am back in London at uni. Exams are over and we are back at placement. There is tonnes of work that I have to do but I am no longer using that as an excuse and I shall be back blogging more regularly once again. Watch this space!


My waistline will be this small again.



You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Get Fit


Whenever I speak to people who want to get fit, 95% of them are under the misapprehension that they need to join some sort of gym or join at least 10 exercise classes or even buy £1000 pounds worth of equipment and or lycra Nike clothes.

Wrong I tell them! You can literally exercise anywhere. Sometime you just have to use your imagination abit. For my current workouts, when I am not in London, I use the following….

A hula hoop (You can get for £1 or 2).
My Dads’ old tatty but heavy weights (You can get cheap ones 2nd hand).
An actual peice of rope for skipping (Not for Cluedo uses).
My mums veg box currently filled with dry Lavender(For steps and push ups).
My mums dried up hanging basket (For high kicks).
A patch of block paving.


Which turns into…

5 minutes jogging.
5 minute sprint intervals.
5 minutes hula hooping.
Set of weight exercises.
2 minutes running.
150 skips.
30 high kicks each leg.
20 push ups.
5 minute hula hooping.
2 minutes running.
100 step ups.

Repeat 2/3 times.

If it rains..I do all of these inside. Stick some music on pretend you have a hula hoop, circle your hips equals the same effect as using an actual one. Running wise, is just on the spot. Steps..I just use a little but sturdy stool.

So there you go, my workout on the cheap!

Tips for New Year Newbies


So New Years is just around the corner full of resolutions to leave your old self behind and to, this time, get fit and healthy. Promises of no more junk food just heaps of succulent salad (You WILL like it). No more slouching on the sofa after work but going to the gym everyday and getting a six pack by April.
As lovely as all of this sounds, the sad fact is, most don’t last until March.

If you are serious about keeping your resolution this year though, here are my

1) Set a reasonable target.

There is no use being 15stone with a huge pot belly saying that you want to slim down to 9stone by May because it just won’t happen. Well, not unless you want to do yourself some damage. You need to set regular, workable goals each month. If you start by working towarfs losing 3ibs a month, see how you do…if you are finding that too easy…up your game by a couple of pounds. Or vice versa, finding it too hard…drop a couple of pounds. The main thing is not to dishearten yourself. I find that if I keep reaching my goals, I stay in a positive attitude and I make sure I reach my next goal. If I don’t, I always have a lapse and have to work double as hard next time.

2) Don’t think you can live on 500 calories a day.

Yes, if you only eat 500 caloriea a day for a month, you will drop a considerable amount of weight. However, no only is this seriously unhealthy, you will put it all back on as soon as you start eating regular meals, you will not enjoy your new ‘healthy lifestyle’ and last but not least if you are actually excercising as well… You will probably collapse and make yourself ill.

All I will say is cut your calories by a HEALTHY resonable amount. I think for women it is around 1200-1300 but you will have to research it depending on your sex, current weight and how much weight you want to lose. Once you start tracking your calories, you finally realise how little 500 calories is and also how much you have been eating before. Which brings me onto my next tip…

4) Download a fitness/food diary app.

Now days in the ‘techno age’, we are fortunate to have a million and one apps to help us track our progress with our eating and our fitness. The beat thing to do is download a couple, try them out and see which one is best for you. Most of the best ones are free so you don’t need to spend loads.

If you are at a stop not knowing where to begin, why not ask friends or even google what everyone else is using. I myself use ‘My Fitness Pal’ for tracking what I am eating and to work out my calorie intake. For my running, I use ‘Run Keeper’ just because I have found it to be more accurate than others.

5) Be truthful with yourself.

What exactly do you think you will achieve if you fool yourself you are doing well when really you are scoffing your face when no one is watching. Reactions from people are what will really tell you if you are doing well.
There are many a time I go for a run and then go to reward myself with cake and sausage rolls. In my mind I feel I am doing great and brag to people about how much running I am doing and then not getting any reaction from them. However, when I started getting into my regime properly with no cheating, I did start to get postive feedback from people without bragging to them and that is the biggest confidence booster. So don’t pop in your calorie app that you have only eaten an apple as a snack when really you have had a Mars bar too.

6) Find some competition.

It’s the New Year, a gazillion people have just eaten 10 years worth of food in the past 2 weeks, most of them will be wanting to lose weight. Find someone who you can ‘compete’ and compare your weightloss with. Of course, everyones weightloss journey is their own individual experience but it does help if you have a natural competitive side. Seeing someone else do well at something you want to do will make you put that extra effort in and do just as well as them, if not more.

7) Enjoy yourself.

I know, I know…. Weightloss is not the most enjoyable thing to do. Well, you may be wrong. It feels like torture to begin with, I am not going to lie, but after a while you start to feel so much better about yourself for doing it. Don’t just eat lettuce everyday…. Learn some new recipes, there are loads out there. Explore with food.
Don’t just think you have to go for a boring run or gym everday… Visit new places and go running or walking in beautful scenery or join up to clubs or sign yourself up to fun runs and obstacle runs. Spice up your exercise a bit (in that way too if you want!) If you don’t like a certain exercise, stop doing it and find something you do like (and not just because it is easier).

Good luck to you all in the New Year. You will have to let me know how your journeys go.

I hope 2015 is filled with laughter, love and light. Chin Chin! 🍸