Week 4 Half Marathon Training

Wow, what a swelter that was in the UK at the start of the week! Hope you’re all doing ok and much better now for the usual chill! Roll on Autumn!

Official week 4 training this week consists of a 20, 10 and 30 minute run. Needless to say, I didn’t do my runs on Monday or Tuesday. I did my first one yesterday, which was meant to be 20 minutes but ended up getting cut short due to ….er…. nature calling… and I only did 15 minutes. So I’m counting that as my 10 minute one. Today, however, I set out to do my 20 mins and ended up doing 30! At half way I thought no way, I’m definitely stopping at 20 minutes but then my brain kicked in, told myself to pull myself together and to get on with it. Not going to lie, I was glad to stop when my watch hit 30, but I feel I could have gone on for longer. N

ow, I ran for a solid 30 minutes, it may have been slow but still, I couldn’t have ever done that 4 weeks ago. The overall distance was around 2.3 miles. I think I could run 3 miles now in around 40 minutes. Slow but better than nothing.

Just my 20 minute run tomorrow then work all weekend and then week 5. Only need to add another 2hrs on to the total haha. You do indeed feel better after running though don’t you? Not physically but mentally!

Have a great weekend everyone.

S x

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