End of official Week 3 Training

Happy Friday all!

Nearly the weekend (not that I’m fussed as I’m working haha).

Today marks the end of week 3 of my half marathon training – official week 3. This week I went out and did an extra 15/10/20 minute run.

These may not seem much at all at the moment but believe me, a couple of weeks ago I would not have been able to run solidly for more than 2 minutes let alone 20!

I’ve been going around my local park and doing laps of the field. At the moment I’m doing just under 12 minute miles which is relatively slow but my motto at the moment is slow and steady. The last thing I want to do is have to stop mid run. Instead, I slow down to an almost walking pace jog then speed up after about 10 or so seconds.

Today was my 20 minute run which I was relieved about as we are having a rest bite from the insane heat we have been experiencing in the UK (going up to nearly 40degrees next week up here in the North!!). I walked to the park, did 4 laps, ran to the main road (to equate to 20 mins) then walked the rest of the way. My aim is to start running back home too in the coming weeks and not count that as part of my run.

One the first lap my breathing is always atrocious, my joints stiff and achey and my legs heavy. By the second everything gets a little better and by the fourth, today, my breathing was relatively ok. It was almost as if it needed clearing and adjusting and then it was happy to actually work. The only thing that stopped me running all the way home (like this little piggy) were my ankles. They really hurt. Something that I hope time, practice and peoples fitted running trainers will sort when I eventually go and get some.

At the moment I feel good. My measurements have increased and my weights the same … but I am happy that I am progressing with my running. The first hurdle of starting is over, now just need to focus and continue. Next weeks training schedule will be 3 runs: 20 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes. Let’s see how they go!

Oh and by the way, we got our puppy!! He’s been with us for a week today and is such a delight, hard work but a delight. He will definitely have us running about.

Have a great weekend all.

S x

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