Week 1 & 2 (1.5) Half Marathon Training.

Happy July all!

Two weeks ago I started my half marathon training plan. Seen as I haven’t ran for way over a year and have had Covid 3 times… I found an extremely easy going training plan to ease me in gently. Not only that, but I needed it to fit around my work shifts too. This way, I only had myself to blame if I didn’t stick to the schedule.

I found it on the Cancer Research UK website. Week 1 consisted of below:

Week 2 (1.5) – I actually went on holiday for the week and so instead of moving on to week 2, I repeated week 1 but basically doubled it. Climbing hills, walking miles and miles etc. I must admit, my diet wasn’t the healthiest but … I was on holiday! Here’s a few pics for you..

Today, however ( day 6 of week 2), I decided to try my first jog. I walked to the local park, ran a lap of the park, walked a lap, ran another lap then walked home. Running wise, added to only 1 mile. However, it’s a start!

Body wise, my legs, back and joints felt fine whilst running. I could have gone another few laps. My breathing, on the other hand, was dreadful. Something that I look forward to improving! I really did sound like I had had my lungs removed.

Tomorrow, I aim to do the same, if not more and add another lap of walking and lap of running.

Have a good weekend all.

S x

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