Happy May WordPress community.

It’s been over a month since my last post and my the third time of me having Covid. I’m just about recovered although I’m still fatigued, slight cough and achey. The joys.

Current weight: a tonne.

Body coach measurements: need an extra long tape measure.

Period: none existent yet again.

Now that May is here, I have 4 months until I’m a bridesmaid and so it’s now or never to get my weight down to stop me looking like a frumpy troll in a dress. I’m not expecting miracles, even if I can shift a stone in the time, I’d be more than happy.

It’s all just about a shift in mentality that’s needed. I’m working a ridiculous amount of extra shifts in the next few months and with my fatigue I have already, I just know the last think I’ll want to do is workout. And I have 0 days free in May for a hike. But these, again, are excuses and I’ll just have to find the willing to go to the gym or do a home workout. How do you other busy people do it? Yes I know it’s all about priorities but when you work 13hr shifts and are doing around 25days in a row…..

Goodness is this what life is? A constant struggle with weight and health? For years I’ve been losing weight, putting it on etc it’s a very vicious cycle. I envy those who don’t have this problem. Who don’t exercise and who do not need to ‘watch what they eat’.

I think I need to try and find the fun in it all again.

S x

6 thoughts on “Mayday

  1. I have same issue!!!
    If I can’t go to gym, then I gain weight. I workout at home, but still it’s not sufficient. I don’t eat outside and only home cooked meal, still I get weight!!
    This will be 4th time when I will lose weight, I have lost 24 kgs twice in the past and I know I can do it again.
    Also, recover well, best wishes to you


      1. My clothes!!
        I have 2 section of the cupboard, one that I wear when I’m fat, one that I cannot wear when I’m fat. Category 2 contains great clothes, and I want to wear them. Also, now I’ve become slow, so I want some speed and want to be able again.


      2. That’s a good area to focus on. Half my wardrobe doesn’t fit me and I don’t want to throw them out incase I get to fit in them again 🤣 I’m sure you’ll get there in time. Best of luck!


  2. If you can spare 10 minutes daily, Lucy Wyndham Read has good 7 minute workouts free on YouTube. Lots of good reviews and I’ve also been doing them for a few years now.


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