1st Fell of 2022

My goodness I’ve been working 12-13 hours every day for over the past week. Sorry I haven’t posted!

Yesterday was my first day off and we decided to head up to the lakes and take on the ‘easiest’ of the Fells… Cat Bells.

Driving up in torrential rain we were almost dreading the walk, especially having been quite literally bogged down a couple of weeks before on our walk at the Roaches (another post I’m yet to write).

Surprisingly as soon as we parked up in a lay-by the rain stopped and there was even a hint of sunshine coming through the clouds. We set off up a hill to the start of the route which in itself made me breathless. Not the best start.

However we got to our path and started the ascent. We had chosen a 3.6 mile route with steep climbs and rambles to make it more interesting. The very first bill was quite steep and we had a couple of short breathers. When we got to the top, which we thought was THE top, we then saw the actual top of Cat Bells. Hearing another couple, quite a physically fit couple, saying the same as what we though made us rest easy. We weren’t the only ones knackered.

Anyhow, stunning views either side of us made everything worthwhile. Derwent Water to the left of us and even more striking fells to the right. We continued along the ridge which gave us some rest bite from the lactic acidosis in our legs until we got the the start of the climb to the summit. This was the scramble, a most enjoyable although slippery one on the wet, worn rocks.

When we got to the top we cheered when we say the Trigg point and took the obligatory photos. 360 degrees of absolute stunning scenery. No thoughts of Covid, Russia, Palestine etc just pure peace of mind.

We then defended down the path, spotting a few skylarks and other beautiful birds along the way. You could continue the walk to include further fells but as this was our first, we decided to just stick with our original route. At the (near) bottom of Cat Bells, we followed the path along the edge getting a clearer view of Derwent Water and passing all of the blossoming Gorse along the way.

It took us around 2.5 hours for the 3.6 mile walk and that was with a few stops to enjoy the scenery (and catch our breath). I must say considering it was a Sunday at a very popular route, we couldn’t believe how quite it was. We only passed about 4 people on the way up. And maybe a further 10 people when we were going along the path back to the car. Then we saw hiking groups arrive so we were very glad we started the walk at 8am before the crowds arrived.

Our next trip to the Lakes will be to take in Old Man Coniston.

What’s your favourite Lake District mountain?

S x

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