Me Vs Me

January, the first month of my yo-yo health efforts.

The first week went well and I felt a shift in my mentality. The second and third weeks however, I worked pretty much 5 13hr shifts in a row then my friends came over for three days then I worked another 4 13hr shifts. I was ridiculously tired after work and so didn’t do any of my Body Coach workouts. I did still try and eat well apart from when my friends came over where one night we had a Chinese takeaway and I did have a fair few alcoholic beverages.

This past week, yet again I’ve been working lots and on my long shifts, by the time I get home, shower and eat something quickly, it’s time for bed before I have to get up for my next shift. Therefore, I don’t feel I have time for a workout. I only did about 3 Body coach workouts over the two week period.

This said, on my two days off which have just gone, I found myself just sitting down watching tv after doing chores etc. I knew I needed to move more even if I did a workout. But could I be bothered to figure out a route? To drive out to the countryside (there is literally no where nice around here). My brain had a fight with its self to the point I got so fed up, I just up and left the house – forcing myself to get out. And you know what – I’m glad I did. I went and did a 4 mile route each day in two different places. It was so good to get back out into the fresh air and with nature again. I forgot how much I missed it and how happy it made me. Here are a few pics….

I’m not going to lie, by the end of both I was happy I was close to my car. There were quite a few hills, not big ones but enough to make me puff. This is something I need to really try and focus on as I have a few 26 mile charity walks coming up later in the year….. yes.

So what I’ve said to myself is to try and get out for at least a 4 mile walk on as many of my days off that I can. If it’s pissing it down, home workout or gym. Just SOMETHING to keep me moving.

How are you all doing with your January?

S x

5 thoughts on “Me Vs Me

  1. I was at my perfect body last summer. Then I started getting tired. Then covid. Then life lol. Now I’m probably behind square 1. I’ve lost all my muscle mass and my gut is back in full swing 😂

    Sticking with it is so hard! Please keep going!

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      1. It was hard for me before covid because I just felt tired before. I’m hoping when the time changes again it will motivate me to be active and I’ll get my motivation back.

        Covid seems to make you tired afterwards. I’d rather sleep lol. But I was like that before. I’m kind of a mess lol!


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