PCOSsed Off

I’ve finally spoken to my GP about my PCOS being out of control at the moment.

My cravings are RIDICULOUS! It’s like I’m pregnant or something, I just can’t stop eating or craving bad things. I’ve never been this bad before.

Not only this but my period has skipped again and I’m growing thick hair on my back …… NOT impressed.

They’re sending me for bloods and an ultrasound scan just to see if I still have PCOS (it’s never been followed up since my diagnosis) then decide what to do from there. I’m only hoping they don’t prescribe a pill that makes me balloon even more!

What do you guys do to help your symptoms?

S x

One thought on “PCOSsed Off

  1. I’d never heard of PCOS until a friend told me she had it. Since then, I notice more and more women who have it. I’m sorry you’re having to experience all this.

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