PHD Protein

At the start of the year I decided to try out meal replacement protein shakes…. 10 years late to the party.

I had a good look around at the various options and PHD Protein stood out as a decent whey protein meal replacement option with good flavours to choose from.

I ordered 3 bags: vanilla, strawberry and salted caramel. All came promptly with scoops and a shake bottle and filter. I got 40% off of the order along with free postage (bargain!).

For the entire month I substituted my breakfasts and dinners for these shakes. It was hard to curb my cravings and hunger at first but I soon got over them. The shakes themselves were fine – decent tasting and surprisingly filling.

You have to make sure to read the labels for these protein shakes. Originally I thought substituting one meal was fine when in fact it states that you have to substitute two.

Sure enough, the end of January comes and I have lost over half a stone in a month. Not bad after all. It also meant that I hit my target of losing 7ibs in the month.

Feb comes and I have two days of normal dinners… weigh myself and I’ve put on around 7ibs again. This only says to me that using the whey meal replacements is not sustainable. I don’t want to drink shakes for the rest of my life? The moment you have dinners .. bam! Weight goes back on.

Obviously this is only my experience after a month. I’m sure using whey in general for extra protein rather than meal replacement is much different.

I’ll be carrying on until the end of the bags but won’t be buying any more meal replacement shakes. Don’t get me wrong – if you want whey – I highly recommend PHD, great tasting shakes and brilliant customer service. They also have some good deals on.

Have any of you been on these meal replacement shakes before? If so, what was your experience?

Keep safe.

S x

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