Covid Update

I thought I’d do an update on my current Coronavirus experience.

I’m currently going through Long Covid. Still off of work (since 2nd Oct). Still fatigued. Have random bouts of palpitations. Dry cough. Major headaches in exactly the same place (left side of head) every single day. Sometimes that writes the day off. Earache and tinnitus. Sore lymph nodes. It’s better than it was at least!

In terms of my period , I was on it from 3rd Nov to the 31st of December. I was prescribed Norethisterone (progesterone pill) which stopped my period (but made me put on a stone in a week along with being an absolute monster). Now my ten days are up and I’m no longer taking them – I’m back on my period, let’s see if it eventually stops!

I’m aiming to go back to work on phase return next week if my GP signs me off. I probably shouldn’t but staying inside all day alone bored/doing house chores is making me seriously depressed.

Anyone else having lingering affects?

S x

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