Yule Tidings

Happy December everyone. The season to be Merry.

I hope you’re all good and getting into the festive spirit.

Update on situation:

  • Currently still off of work
  • Still suffering with post Covid symptoms – but going in the right direction
  • I can confirm I am the heaviest I have ever weighed in my entire existance
  • I’ve been on my period since November 3rd (and counting)

I’m so desperate to go back to work and get on with exploring and going for walks. I’ve managed the occasional small one but then only for it the following day.

In all honesty, I’m pretty anxious about once I’m better and getting back in the weight loss/fitness track. I’m at my worst health that I’ve ever been in. A few years ago was hard – this time I know it’s going to be even harder.

On the other hand, I have signed up to Gousto to try and regulate my diet but more of that coming up.

What motivates you? I need some tips.

S x

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