Weekly Weigh In – Wk 8

It’s officially 2 months in to these weigh-ins and I must say I’m not impressed. In all I’ve solidly lost 3ibs give or take. IN 2 MONTHS! Most people would have lost half a stone/a stone or even more by now. I am being more active, I’ve made dietary changes and lifestyle changes and still I’ve only gone down this much. Evidently another notch needs cranking up. Even with all of the changes being made my hormones are still not behaving and I’ve skipped another period which won’t help the small matter of dropping a few pounds.

Anyhow, this evening drew to a close with a 12 mile bike ride to one of my workplaces for me to test out timings as I am wanting to cycle to work when I’m placed at that one specific site (and it’s not raining). It’s defo doable and I’m looking forward to using my bike more. Potentially not cycling tomorrow though to give my bottom a rest!!

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