You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Get Fit


Whenever I speak to people who want to get fit, 95% of them are under the misapprehension that they need to join some sort of gym or join at least 10 exercise classes or even buy £1000 pounds worth of equipment and or lycra Nike clothes.

Wrong I tell them! You can literally exercise anywhere. Sometime you just have to use your imagination abit. For my current workouts, when I am not in London, I use the following….

A hula hoop (You can get for £1 or 2).
My Dads’ old tatty but heavy weights (You can get cheap ones 2nd hand).
An actual peice of rope for skipping (Not for Cluedo uses).
My mums veg box currently filled with dry Lavender(For steps and push ups).
My mums dried up hanging basket (For high kicks).
A patch of block paving.


Which turns into…

5 minutes jogging.
5 minute sprint intervals.
5 minutes hula hooping.
Set of weight exercises.
2 minutes running.
150 skips.
30 high kicks each leg.
20 push ups.
5 minute hula hooping.
2 minutes running.
100 step ups.

Repeat 2/3 times.

If it rains..I do all of these inside. Stick some music on pretend you have a hula hoop, circle your hips equals the same effect as using an actual one. Running wise, is just on the spot. Steps..I just use a little but sturdy stool.

So there you go, my workout on the cheap!

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