Short and Snappy Post

(My attempt at an angry dinosaur)
(My attempt at an angry dinosaur who is also short.)

Feeling angry, frustrated , annoyed? I know just the cure. EXERCISE!

Quite a few people have been getting on my tits recently and I would have loved nothing more than to punch them straight in their faces. Being a ‘sensible’ adult though, unfortunately I can’t act upon that and so just have to smile and walk away.

After some of the encounters, I have been left being a right mardy bum for the rest of the day and snap at anyone or anything who/that I come into contact with. It is only until I get home and do my Insanity workouts and a run that I start to feel better.

When Shaun T tells me to punch, oh boy do I punch. When he tells me to kick harder, I turn into Bruce Lee….You get the picture.

The other day, my usual half an hour run only took 20mins and I felt I could do it all again.

What I am trying to say is that, even though you may be feeling a negative emotion.. it is still energy. Use it to fuel your workout. You will not believe the difference in results. Not only does it enhance your workout but it is also healthy for your mentality, to get those emotions out.

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