Stay Positive


Often when we workout, the greatest way of telling if it is working is the pain we feel throughout and afterwards. (As I currently am, sitting here unable to move from the session earlier). I think to myself why? Why put myself through all of this pain when I could be out there enjoying my life. Then I think… I wouldn’t be enjoying my life. I would be moping around, sulking that my clothes keep getting tighter and tighter (whilst eating cakes.)I would complain about walking anywhere as my knees would start to hurt. I would be staying in every weekend instead of going out with friends as I know I’d look shit next to them.

The reason I am putting myself through this is so I can be happy and proud of myself, to get back to the confident person I was before without having to wear bed sheets for tops. To not risk having my life cut short by having a heart attack or stroke. By lessoning my risk of getting Diabetes which scares the hell out of me. I actually enjoy the pain nowadays. I know that I am getting closer and closer to my goal the more pain I feel. (Not in a sadistic way might I add).

If you are struggling for motivation, just keep thinking why you are doing this. How far you have come. You have done the hardest part by starting! Stay postive. Your mentality is key to anything in life. If you have a positive attitude and put in your passion, you can achieve anything!

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