My Resolutions


Hello all.

I’m not one for resolutions normally. I usually say something ridiculous like “I won’t eat any carbs at all for the whole year and go for 3 runs every single day”.  Needless to say, I bugger it up after a month.

This year though, I have decided to set myself reasonable small resolutions, all be it, still challenging. Maybe it’s me growing old or maybe it’s my subconscious mind telling me to get my act together about food. (Basically I have been having more or less the same dream on and off for the past couple of weeks where I am, either, the weight I was when I first started or even heavier.) I definetly do not want that to happen!

So here are my resolutions and reasons why…….

1) No more Beer.

Since I moved to London, I have been drinking Beer by the barrell full. Normally I don’t have it but down there I just live on the stuff especially as there are so many quirky free houses near me.

2) No more pastry!

I have been eating sausage rolls like a mad woman. I prefer savoury than sweet and these things just fill that craving I always get. Naughty Sophia.

3) No more white bread.

I have cut down a lot already, but I have been plain lasy for the past 3 months and just eaten whatever is in the house.

4) No more crisps.

Whenever I am in a shop I always add a packet of crisps to my basket. No idea why but I need to stop this immediately!!!

5) Get back into running.

I miss going on my regular runs and I really should start it up again. My aim is to sign up for a couple of sponsored ones to motivate me more and then start training. Notice no fixed amount of running.

You could also say I need to learn to count too as I missed out a number in my previous post but sod it.

What are your resolutions for the year if any? Do you think you will actually stick to them for the whole duration? I’d love to hear from some of you!

Have a great weekend all. 🙂

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