As some of you may be aware from reading previous posts, I have put half a stone back on over a couple of months rest. Last month I started to get back into the swing of things but everything seems to be going slowly once more. Maybe its my impatience or it may be not doing enough variety of exercise.

I, therefore, started an October challenge for myself on the 1st. It involves abs, arms and thighs. For some reason monthly challenges keep me on track rather than me doing bits here abd there. Everyday I will do ten more sit ups than the previous day, starting at ten. So, for example, today I did 80 and tomorrow I will do 90. By the end of the month I should do 310. For the arms, I have bought a 6kg weight (don’t laugh, I am a weakling) and are doing 2 sets of 10 bicep curls and lifty up one’s everyday for a week and then adding another set each week of the month. The thighs I have decided to do 5 sets of ten second holds for each side a day at mid level hold and right up in the air hold and, like with the weights, will add an extra set each week. (Sorry if this makes no sense, I have no clue of the correct names for these moves.)Of course, this will be accomopannied by my walking and 1000calories food intake a day. That’s right, I am cutting back on calories for the month and seeing how it goes.

I will upload some pics of my arms and stomach and then again in November just to see how they compare.

Any of you guys doing any challenges at the moment or how are your general healthy lifestyles going? Anyone applied for the London Marathon 2015?


(Vodkas not mine)


(Excuse my grandma’ish bed sheets)


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