I’ll Toast To That

My friend came over the other day armed with an Avacado, Rye Bread and Peanut Butter. I was confused as to what Rye Bread actually was and what on earth she was going to do with the items she bought. A bit like Ready Steady Cook.

She took a slice of the Rye Bread and toasted it. Afterwards, she spread a thick layer of Peanut Butter over it and topped it off with Avacado slices. It looked vile but she loved it and didn’t shy away from telling me how much healthier it was than the shit I had just eaten.

Today, in my curiosity, i decided to try this weird concoction for myself and so made it and took it in my pocket on a two hour walk to St James Park. Honestly, it was delicious! I would definitely recommend. And it fills you up!! (Main thing.) Next time i may put banana on too!

Happy experimenting guys!


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