Quick Word Of Advice


For anyone that is missing or thinking of missing a couple of runs here and there. DON’T!!!!!

I have been off running for the past month and a half, doing the odd three mile here and there. Yesterday, I started back on my healthy eating and fitness regime. The first run of only 1.5 miles was torture and today’s was even worse. It’s crazy how quickly your body relaxes. I’ve realised that missing the odd one or two runs really isn’t worth it especially as my body feels like it is back to square one.

Don’t do what I did folks. Keep going!

12 thoughts on “Quick Word Of Advice

  1. Totally know the feeling! I used to be absolutely hopeless at doing push ups and then trained harder and harder and finally managed to be able to do at least 20 in a row. Then I went travelling and over the 2 months that I wasnt active I’ve lost that stregth and cant do them again…
    back to having to work hard for it again! haha


    1. Wow go you for doing that many! I still can only do one! And it’s a pathetic one of that. Do you find it’s even harder than starting the first time?!


  2. Start by doing them on your knees and then doing just one on your toes and you’ll build up the strength quicker than you’d think 🙂
    No, I think because I know I have done it before I’m a little more motivated to keep at it knowing it is actually possible.
    I used to be 90kg, and trained so hard and ate soo healthy that i managed to get myself to 69kg, but when I began traveling and became more exposed to different foods and drinks, I put some of it back on and am now sitting at 76kg.


    1. Ah, thank you. That will be my challenge for August now thanks! I suppose yeah you know you have it in you to do it. You haven’t got as much to lose to be back where you were. Have you set yourself a time frame?


  3. Very welcome 🙂
    Well ideally as soon as possible, but I like to listen to my body. If i get ill, I will take a couple of days to fully recover before hitting it hard back in the gym.
    I mean it took me a good six months to put back on the weight so I can realisticly only expect to get rid of it in the same time frame.
    Before I moved to London I had a very large group of friends that were just as involved with fitness as me so I always had someone motivating me to go for a run on the days I would have just missed it. But now that I dont have that here i tend to slack off a bit more.


    1. That sounds very sensible! Especially at a lower weight. It takes a tad longer to lose? I’m sure you will get back into the swing of things just fine. Oh dear, I’m moving to London soon and dreading getting fat again ha! I’m sure there are running groups down there or clubs you could join? Or people at your gym you could go out with? Is it a definite no to running by yourself in the evening down in London?


  4. I wouldnt say it takes longer – it all just really depends how strict I am with diet and how hard I actually push myself when I train.
    Well if you are moving to London come be running buddy! haha
    I do shift work so I’m usually in the gym before or after everyone else. Not even a class that works to my schedule, unfortunately.
    I dont live in London city so where I live I have some beautiful lakes that is a great spot for running so I go there on a nice solo run. very relaxing 🙂


    1. How strict are you with your diet? Oh that sounds nice! Are there hills around there too? I’ve got to try work out a route when I get down there. Ha, definitely will take you up on that offer if you’re nearby.


      1. Im pretty strict – dont really enjoy junk food anyway but its more in social environments that I tend to let slip.
        yea its beautiful, not big hills but enough incline to make it tough 🙂
        great! when and where do you plan on moving?


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