And It Goes Like This…..

Hello all!

I thought I’d share with you what I actually do when I mention the word ‘workout’ in any of my posts.

These workouts last around an hour and sometimes have extra bits added or some removed. Depending on my shifts I do this 3x a week plus running. If I’m on late shifts, I just do running and a shortened version of this in the morning.

Fancy a go too?
I apologise in advance if I’ve not used the correct terms for certain punches!

Few stretches
5mins jogging
100 skips
10bicep curls (1.5stone weights)
5mins hula hooping.
30 high kicks
1minute rest
10 up in the air weights
5mins simple punches on punchbag
50 sit-ups
1minute rest
100xRocky side punches
100xupper cuts
50x knees
1 minute rest
1minute quick fire free style on the punch bag
1minute rest
1minute quick fire freestyle on the punch back
1 minute rest
Repeat the 100/50 of each set.
1minute rest
10 bicep curls with weights
10 up in the air weights
Walk around for one minute.
Few stretches.

End of session.

It’s safe to say I’m a sweaty heap on the floor by the end of it.
Let me know how you guys do!

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