My Favourite App

After trying many apps to keep a log of my runs/walks, I have finally found my favourite. ‘RunKeeper’. It was introduced to me by one of my colleagues and now I can’t stop using it.

So Why Is It My Fave?
1) The minimum version of the app is free. However, even though it’s not got all the features, there are still loads to play with.
2) It maps my runs/walks accurately without draining my battery in half an hour.
3) You can link it up with your social networking sites or phone contacts and add your friends on it. Very motivational if you are competitive.
4) I find the calorie statistics accurate. Many a times, using other apps, I would do a 17 mile walk and, apparently, only have burnt 30 calories…
5) It’s not just about running or walking, there are loads of other items you can select. From cycling to Zumba to weights to snowboarding.
6) Very simple to use. I am not the most tech savvy so when I get an app I want it to be simple and straight to the point. This is. All you do at the start is sign up with your details(weight, name etc) and then each session you do just change the setting to what exercise you’re doing and away you go.
7) You can make a schedule, set goals and stick to them. The app will remind you to workout (if you select that you want it to.) Seeing a schedule helps me personally as I am one of those who like to tick things off. If I see something that I should’ve done that I haven’t, I feel extremely bad.
8) You can pair it up with a heart rate monitor app if you have one.
9) You can select your distance in Kms OR miles!
10) You can make your own playlists for each of your workouts using the music on your phone.

So if you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it!


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