Boredom Makes You Fat!


They say a healthy lifestyle is made up of 30exercise and 70% what you do in the kitchen. So I thought I’d write a few tips I am currently using to stay clear of deliciously evil foods.

Since slimming I have noticed that people just want to fatten me back up again. I go round my families, they offer me a slice of cake. When I say no, they say oh go on it won’t hurt you. When I’m at work and people bring in sweets and chocolates they say oh go on have a few you deserve a treat. It drives me insane! If I actually gave in each time I have been told to ‘treat myself for all the hard work I’ve done’ I’d be back to fat square one!

If I see and want something that looks incredibly delicious but extremely naughty I do a little maths. I take how many calories it must be. Eg. 500 and then subtract how many hours of exercise and pain it would take to work it off. 99% of the time, it’s just not worth it! A moment on the lips is a bloody good session on your hips, legs, tummy, back and arms!

In the supermarkets, the healthier options are a bit pricey compared to the £1 2minute microwave deals. However, when you eat one, are you actually full? I found I never am. They taste horrendous. All the goodness that may have been in them is sucked out by the microwave.
You can easily afford a week of healthy, fresh meals if you plan exactly what you’re having beforehand. Organise them so you can use ingredients over and over again. Make a larger amount and save the other portions for lunch or dinner the next day. It really works. I feel much better for it. If you’re stick on meal ideas, you can find so many recipes on the Internet or in books/magazines. Apparently Slimming World have some great ones.

Keep busy. Boredom makes you fat! I try and keep my mind preoccupied at all times nowadays. If I get bored and start thinking of food I try and do menial tasks that I needed to do, or do a workout or go for a run or call somebody or anything really. Just don’t fill your face cause you haven’t got anything better to do.

When you’re feeling hungry, have a drink rather than reach into the fridge. Most of the time we confuse hunger with thirst. After a while if you still feel hungry, get some fruit. I used to moan when my mam used to make me eat fruit as a snack. I thought it was boring. It really isn’t! Jazz it up a bit! Make a smoothie. Add peanut butter. Add yoghurt. Try different exotic fruit you’ve never had before. Combine fruit. It only tastes bland if you make it bland.


The main and most obvious tool you need to stop eating excessively and unhealthily is will power. It all boils down to it. Every body has it, you just need to train your mind. I have by putting myself off the good I want when I see it by methods earlier in this post. By disciplining my brain, my running and workouts are improving much more too. When I want to stop, my brain won’t let me. It pushes me to new levels. Exactly what I need to help drive me to success.

I hope some of these help. If any of you have any tips, please do share them!

Much love!

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