Phase One of Training

As most of you are aware I am doing the Manchester Great 10k run in May. When posting about it on Facebook, one of my old college friends messaged me saying she was doing it too and we should start training together.

We decided we should start doing the local 5k Park Run to get ourselves going. Today was out first.
This morning I was so nervous I felt sick and when I met up with my friend, she said she was the same. We slowly trudged up the hill of the park to the starting point, passed by Lycra cladded, pro, stick thin runners. It was rather daunting. When we got to the start line there were over a hundred people there waiting.
We started moving off with the crowd which,eventually, spread out during the downhill start. The run consisted of two laps. The route was up and down hill and some on flat terrain. It was very hard. Every part of me was aching, but we did it! One woman we met along the way said if you do it in 40 minutes you have done well. Guess what time we did it in… Approx 37mins….Our first go! Not only did we feel so good having not come last and beating the target time, we were also highly motivated for the future runs especially the 10k in May.

We are, now, going to go every weekend to improve our times and also mid week in soon. If you have a park run near you, I highly advise going to it for that extra push if you need it. If it’s anything like the one I went to today, you will love it and meet some genuinely awesome, inspirational people.

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