I Carried A Watermelon


That’s right, good ol Baby only had to carry one Watermelon whereas I’m having to carry bloody two!! Constantly. I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly feel that my boobs get in the way all the time when working out.

When I first started properly in August, they were fucking huge! My cups were the size of my head I kid you not. Gradually over the past couple of months, inevitably, they have started to shrink. (Much to the disappointment of my girlfriend.) Them shrinking has helped a tad. I can now fit in a sports bra and they don’t reach my face when they bounce anymore but that’s about it.
When I run, even in a fitted sports bra they flap about. It’s so embarrassing when I run past people and they can clearing here my tits bouncing up and down.
They get in the way with my chest squeezes. They hurt my back. But the worst is when I skip. Oh my days. It’s like someone performing CPR on my chest with every jump.
I know all of these niggles are going to fade with more weightloss but that got me thinking. ..

How do those girls, for example, models/actresses/singers, with massive boob jobs keep running to stay fit? I mean, ok, so they may not bounce around as much when running as they are cemented on but they must wiggle a bit? And pull on the skin?
Do they have specially made bras? I struggled to find one for my size let alone for ones like Jordan’s.
Are they prone to sweaty rashes? Not good for anyone!
But most importantly, doesn’t the extra weight make it so much harder for them?! That’s most likely why they stay so skinny.
I suppose they do come into use though if you’re in a race. They could just run normally at the end and their breast could pass the finish line a couple of minutes before them. None of this bending over malarkey.
Also the fact again that they don’t move too much so you can run with a great looking cleavage constantly even on the 26th mile of a marathon not one swinging to the right with the other up in the air.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens to them as time goes on. Goodbye Watermelons!

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