As you may have gathered from the title, I have gone and got myself a bloody hernia! An Umbilical Hernia to be exact. It’s very common in women and most of you might have seen them with babies.(I was going to post a picture up of one but having gone through Google images I decided against it. You can thank me later.) I’ve seen the nurse as the Dr had no appointments free and she said to see the Dr. Brilliant advice. I called today and there are no appointments at all for over a week. This wouldn’t phase me but it’s now getting in the way of my exercise and also my work. It aches constantly and, even worse,my belly is all puffed out and so looks about the same as when I first started trying to lose weight. Bloody thing. At least I’ve kept running this week! (I type that whilst imagining Dory on stick thin legs running like Forest Gump. Odd.)

Anyway, enough of me moaning, how are you? How are your health/fitness journeys going? Anybody just started theirs as their New Years resolution? Don’t be shy to leave a comment, I love reading your opinions and stories 🙂



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