Keep Going!


You know that feeling when you have given everything your all and things still aren’t working so you want to give up? Well don’t, just keep going!

If I’m honest I’ve only given my regime my all since the beginning of August. I go Zumba every Tuesday, walk to work every day and back, go for a walk 4 days a week around hilly countryside and 3 days a week, do a workout that includes boxing.
To add to this I’ve cut down on my food dramatically. I wake up early and make sure I have breakfast, only have brown bread, have a treat on Friday and eat a lot more fruit and veg. I think that should be enough shouldn’t it?

Looking in the mirror, I can’t see one bit of difference. On the scales, I’m down only a couple of pounds. Other people, I know also on a diet, have lost more within the past month and look so much different. “What’s the point?” I think to myself.

Well, first, it’s only been a month. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Second, you’ve done one month, keep going, you have proved you can do it.
Third, stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone’s different. I myself have extremely low hormone levels which makes losing weight a lot harder than some other people. Unfair but then think of how good I will feel when I get to my goal!

Although I haven’t lost anything in the mirror, I feel so much fitter already. Going on walks with my parents (they basically run) I started off by almost collapsing. A month later, I’m beating them to the end. I feel great. I hate the thought before doing anything, and I can get quite stroppy but I love the feeling when I finish.

So when you are a little unmotivated and feel like giving up, don’t. Just keep going. I did, and now I feel fucking fantastic. Even if I look the same….for now.

One thought on “Keep Going!

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