Confessions of a Fat Girl


Yes, you have probably guessed it, i fucked up. I haven’t written a post for like 3 weeks. The first one of those weeks I literally did no exercise, just my daily walking to work routine. The second week I did 2 days of my ‘regime’ and last week I finally kicked my arse back into gear and boy, is my dad making me pay for it.

He has now upped a notch in our workout. No minute breaks in between areas and no half hearted punches/kicks during the boxing. 45 minutes non stop, intense exercise. As well as this I am now going Zumba with my mam every Tuesday after my workout. Not only is it great exercise but it’s also fun and a bit of extra quality time with my mam.

Even though it has only been 2 weeks since I started this next level workout, I can certainly feel the difference. Although I am still knackered and on the floor after every session, I dare to say its getting slightly easier each time. It will soon be time to go a step further. ( I may not say anything for a couple of weeks though. )

The break in my new lifestyle was my own lazy fault but now, having that break and realising how shitty I felt during it, has only made mentally stronger to perceiver with everything. I have cut down a lot but could do better. Food is my arch enemy and is the hardest part of it all. However, I have found great websites that have healthy, nutritional, quick food that isn’t boring at all. When I see my friends or family and if they comment on how I’ve lost weight really gives me a boost of motivation to keep going. Another thing that I’ve found that motivates me is talking to people in similar situations or have been through it themselves. Getting tips and jotting down ideas and seeing how far they have come along.

Initially I wanted to drop a dress size by the beginning of August but I think that may have been wishful thinking. I now have a target to be at least a size 14 by May next year for one of my best friends wedding. I want to turn up, in a dress, with my legs out and not look like Miss Piggy. I think that is do-able?

So yes, I have been naughty but I’m now back on track and more focused than ever. If any of you are doing the same please get in touch. I’d like to hear your stories and advise!

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Fat Girl

  1. You got this!! I yo-yo’d dieted for a while, until April of this year. I “accidently” lost 10lbs which gave me the courage to think I really could it! I’m doing it the old-fashioned way for the first time- diet & exercise. Doing the C25K has been great! I also use an app called Calorie Count which has been a life saver. So far, I’ve lost 38lbs. I still have 30 to go, but I feel great and I know I’m on the right track this time and will do it! You can do it- just keep at it, and if you fall off the wagon (its ok!) just hop right back on! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! Wow that’s amazing! Well done! Are you finding you want to work out more than ever now you’ve lost all of those pounds? Yeah I have an app called ‘My Fitness Pal’ which is great to keep track of what’s going in! πŸ™‚


      1. I actually find working out so boring…I need more structure to keep at it, like a class or a trainer. With the exception of the C25K which I love and will graduate to the C210K when I’m done!I also do little things like take the stairs instead of elevators, park far away from the door, etc. I definitely make more conscious food decisions- in fact I think about everything that I eat (probably too much). I still indulge occasionally too though.


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