1 Week On

Just over a week has passed, and I must be honest, I haven’t been as strict as I should be on myself.

Originally I wanted to do my exercises 5 times a week but due to work commitments I haven’t managed that. In the past 9 days I have only done them 5 times. The next time I work until late I will push myself to do some before I go work like running, hula-hooping and sit ups. When I get back my dad said he will help me with a short and fast boxing workout. I will be knackered but it will all be worth it.

Food wise I am doing fairly well. I have exchanged my white bread sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bar lunch for a salad, 2 pieces of fruit and yoghurt every day. I must say I’m not even slightly bored of it yet! I do still have the occasional piece of chocolate just so I don’t crave it and stuff my face as I normally would. Dinner wise, I have been having my normal dinners and experimenting with more. (See my 15 minute fiery prawn post).

With the help of my mam, I measured all of my major wobbly chunks today:

Waist – 40″
Hips – 49″
Bust – 42″
Thighs – 25″

I have decided that I am going to measure myself every few weeks as it is hardly worth doing weekly and seeing little results. This goes for weighing myself too and taking side photos.

Weight wise I have gained, which was expected seen as I am turning fat to muscle. At least, I bloody hope so.

Side wise I can’t see any difference. The picture is slightly more close up than last time. But I have to give it time.

Overall, I am going to keep at it but won’t be posting up update posts for at least another 2 weeks. I will also knuckle down on my exercise. Although I dread doing it, afterwards, I feel fantastic. My sessions have just got a bit longer which will push me that little more and, not to forget, sweat like a bitch.

If you have any tips that could aid me then please don’t be shy and comment below. Thanks.

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