And so it begins….

Looking down at the scales,I stare in disbelief.

16stone. That’s bad even for me and I’ve always been on the heavy side. I can see it too. Not just in my overhung belly and bulky hips but everywhere else too. No matter how much I try and suck my face in for photos, all my chins still make an appearance. I have to do something now before I get too old and can only lose a pound from a year eating nothing but soup.
So I have decided to make a blog/diary of my diet and exercise regime with weekly posts of my progress or blunders. Nothing will be held back so readers of a weak stomach, please let this be a warning. There will be photos of naked flesh on here!

This will be my last chance at truly changing my life. Not just for looks but for health reasons too. Long gone are the monthly diets that end in the usual, “Oh I’ve lost half a stone so I can eat this cake.” This is serious stuff. I know the roads going to be one hell of a bumpy shitty ride but I hope to share the journey with you.


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