Welcome to It Will Be Worth The Weight, a blog written by someone who knows the struggles of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst living with PCOS. Here you can read up on my constant highs and lows, find some healthy snack ideas/recipes, take a look at some of my adaptive workout ideas along with other more personal posts. Enjoy!

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  • Weekly Weigh In Wk 4
    A month in and I’ve already forgotten to post. Oops! Apologies all. I did weigh myself last Sunday but completely forgot to post along with take a photo. I can confirm however that my […]
  • Weekly Weigh in Wk 3
    Up! 5 pounds on this week. What on earth?! Actually, as much as I wasn’t wanting this to be the case, it was to be expected. This week I have t gone out of […]
  • Sunday Weigh In Week 2
    UNDER THE 18 STONE THRESHOLD. After a week of cutting down on the food mainly at dinner times and a walk here and there, I’ve managed to knock off a few pounds. Proof won’t […]